Skagen Fiskeauktion A/S

Skagen Fish Auction is Denmark’s northernmost fish auction centrally located when fishing from especially the Skagerrak and Kattegat. The auction is led by professional auctioneers with in-depth knowledge of and many years of experience from the profession. Top quality lobsters, herring and day-caught consumer fish are mainly sold. The possibilities for landing fish in Skagen are next to none. Fine and service-minded companies at the Port of Skagen are ready to offer their service on your vessel when the ship is at quay. Good prices are obtained at Skagen Fiskeauktion, which is housed in the modern, newly renovated fishing terminal right in the centre of the port of Skagen.

It is made to secure an unbroken cooling chain to Skagen Samlecentral in order to preserve the quality. Skagen Samlecentral is ready for unloading at the assembly centre or directly at the fish auction, and if you want to land sea-packed fish, you can register directly with Skagen Fiskeauktion.

The auction will be held Monday-Friday at 7.00, however at 06.30 for lobsters if more than 150 boxes have been registered. Herring auction is held as needed. In the summer, an auction will also be held at 10.00 on all weekdays. Here, fish, caught by Danish seine-fishing methods and night lobsters are sold. There is no auction on weekends and public holidays.

Contact information

Skagen Fiskeauktion A/S
Auktionsvej 10
9990 Skagen
+45 98 44 12 00

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