Terntank Rederi A/S

Terntank deals with shipping, chartering and ship management. From Skagen, they operate a fleet of nine modern chemical/product tankers of between 8,000 dwt and 15,000 dwt. Terntank runs a reliable and highly professional business, where great emphasis is placed on working environment, safety, and environmental protection as well as close cooperation with the customers.

The best employees

At Terntank, the working environment and conditions on board the ships have the highest priority, and the crew becomes actively involved in all aspects of ship projects. Everyone is working on the basis of the philosophy that good conditions for both crew on the ships and the employees ashore attract and retain the best employees as well as translate into the best performance towards the customers.

Ahead of legislation

Modern society depends on a stable transport of oil, oil products and chemicals. Located near the sea, Terntank is therefore extremely aware of the vulnerability of the marine environment. It is the company’s philosophy to always be ahead of the legislation in the field of safety and the environment, thus all work tasks and procedures are carefully described to avoid errors. Terntank introduced double-hulled ships decades before it became a legal requirement and by constantly working on energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of their ships, so that they are the industry’s most modern and efficient.

Contact information

Terntank Rederi A/S
Vestre Strandvej 10
9990 Skagen
+45 98 40 70 60

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