About Port of Skagen
A geographical focal point and Denmark’s largest fishing port

The Port of Skagen is a geographical hub for ship traffic in the waters between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. About 6000 landings of fish are made annually. And the port is called by more than 650 cargo ships, an increasing number of cruise ships and a very large number of yachts.

Service Team Skagen offers repair and service in one place for all types of vessels – both ships along the quay and the many ships that are anchored off Skagen. We also offer bunkering by ship or via land connection and receive waste products, including oil-contaminated water, waste oil and wastewater.

With a water depth of 11 meters, strong shipyard competencies, a dry dock, and the possibility to accommodate ships of more than 330 meters, the capacity of maritime service is strongly represented at the Port of Skagen.

The port’s 24-hour port guard is always ready to advise and assist the vessels which call at the port. The port guard can be reached by telephone +45 9844 1346.

Facts about Port of Skagen

  • Water depth up to 11 meters
  • 6.1 kilometers of quays
  • Seven harbour basins with a depth of 5-11 meters
  • 1,330,000 square meters of port area
  • Fishing terminal and auction
  • Trawl tow area of 4000 square meters
  • Railway tracks to the port area
  • Border control
  • Free Wi-Fi on cruise docks
  • 1 newbuilding and repair yard
  • 135 x 25 x 8 m dry dock
  • Close to the B and T routes
(In January 2021, the Port of Skagen is expected to be completed with a major expansion, which will result in more berth space, a depth of up to 13 meters and an expansion of the entire port area)

How to get to, from and around Skagen


The nearest airport is Aalborg Airport located approximately 100 km from Skagen. For national and international flight connections please see



From Skagen to Frederikshavn – Nordjyske Jernbaner – www.njba.dk

Frederikshavn and across the country – DSB – www.rejseplanen.dk


Skagen Taxi tel. +45 9843 3434

Frederikshavn Taxi tel. + 45 9842 1311 Frederikshavn

Flight cab, see www.frederikshavntaxa.dk/flytaxa

Bicycle rental

Skagen Cykeludlejning tel: + 45 98 44 10 70 – http://www.skagen-cykeludlejning.dk/

Tourist information

Skagen Tourist Office
The harburr master’s residence
Vestre Strandvej 10
9990 Skagen
Phone: + 45 9844 1377
E-mail: skagen@turisthusnord.dk

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