Together, we become stronger

Professional collaboration at Denmark’s largest fishing port

The Serviceteam Skagen comprises over 45+ companies with over 20 years of collaboration experience.

Together, the members encompass every specialisation, skill, and potential challenges with the maritime sector. When docking at the Port of Skagen, all you need is one point of contact, and the members of the network will handle any necessary arrangement with expertise and efficiency.

It all began with four herring manufacturers and absolute silence

Before the turning of the millennium there were four herring factories at the Port of Skagen.

They were competitors, each one minding their own business and never spoke to each other. Until one day when they were proposed to accompany each other to the same fishing fair in England.

At the fair they sat down and had a beer and a chat with Saga Shipping, the company, that had offered the invitation.

They agreed that they might very well meet and talk at home as well. Maybe even collaborate once in a while for the common good? The four herring manufacturers decided to give it a try. And when they came back home, they helped each other unloading the next ship that came to the port with its load.

All four of them had their business going, the ship was unloaded faster, and the increased efficiency was rumoured. And as a final result, more fish were landed in Skagen.

This is how the network, which today is called Serviceteam Skagen, came about. And in the summer of 2019, we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Over the years, the four herring manufacturers have been joined by nearly 50 other companies that deal with everything from port service to supplies, shipbuilding, and whatever else is needed in the maritime industry.

Within the network, member companies have access to support for tasks such as recruiting apprentices, hiring skilled labor, enhancing their marketing efforts, participating in trade fairs, and building relationships through various social events held throughout the year.

“Many things can be dealt with, while drinking a beer in each other’s company,” says the chairman of the network, Peter Møller from Saga Shipping. “The network brings together the companies in Skagen across industries and it helps us to stand as a united group, so that the customers can make do with one stop. That is what we are here for.”

Meet the board

Peter Møller, Saga Shipping A/S


Lars Tesgaard, FF Handel


Poul Fuglsang Petersen, Hauschildt Marine A/S


Thomas Lund, Multi-Trade ApS


Tor Pedersen, SeaMech A/S


Mads Stadum, Jyske Bank


Elizabeth Christoffersen, Themis Fiskeri


New member?

Are you interested in joining Serviceteam Skagen, you are more than welcome. Please contact the chairman Peter Møller from Saga Shipping.

Mobile: +45 4013 1522


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