Dykkerstaal A/S

Dykkerstaal A/S is a diving company that provides professional diving work both at home and abroad and is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. The professional divers from Dykkerstaal A/S perform many different tasks within the following areas:

The construction and contracting industry both as a sub- and main supplier

  • Cathodic protection, welding/cutting and drilling/cutting
  • High pressure flushing and bottom securing, casting/grouting


  • Inspection and repair tasks on ships, bridges, facilities, pipelines, etc. Performed with underwater video as well as digital photo
  • All necessary equipment to provide documentation, such as DVDs, reports and photos on site

Ship service

  • Diving work in connection with ships – “in water ship-repair”
  • Salvage/breakdown, welding/cutting as well as replacement/welding of anodes
  • Cleaning/polishing of propellers and cleaning/high-pressure flushing of ship bottoms
  • Release of ropes, trawls, etc. from propellers and ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Cleaning, flushing of box coolers and sea valves, etc.

Contact information

Dykkerstaal A/S
Bjerrevej 16
7730 Hanstholm
+45 40 97 57 89

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