BDO is a state-authorized public accounting firm that provides a range of accounting, auditing and consulting services primarily to small and medium-sized companies. BDO has offices in 30 Danish cities, including Skagen, as well as a number of specialist departments and is part of the international BDO network. The product range is wide from simple bookkeeping to complicated tax advice. As a professional company, based on knowhow and consulting, professional competence is the essence of BDO’s work. The company’s auditors, specialists and consultants are always 100% up to date, as well as having national and international market insight, industry knowledge and specialist knowledge. Thus, customers can confidently trust that an account audited by BDO complies with all rules and laws.

Empathy and commitment

Grounded in professionalism, insight, empathy, commitment and collaboration with the customers is what enables BDO to understand their customers’ challenges and thus provide insightful advice. The local offices ensure that BDO is very close to the markets where customers on a daily basis run their business. The department in Skagen not only services the local companies within production, crafts, fishing, service and trade, but also customers who do not live in Skagen, but are connected to the area in other ways.

Contact information

Spliidsvej 25A
9990 Skagen
+45 96 79 19 00

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