Cosmos Trawl

COSMOS TRAWL is Denmark’s largest net maker company, which develops, manufactures, and sells all kinds of modern fishing gear in high quality for both fishing vessels and fish farms. The fishing gear is primarily sold in Scandinavia and the countries around the North Atlantic, but also to customers in South America, Asia and Russia. COSMOS TRAWL provides total solutions and therefore stocks a wide range of associated equipment and has a large range within:

  • Shrimp trawls
  • Deep-sea trawls
  • Multi-rig systems
  • Semi-pelagic trawls
  • Midwater trawls
  • Self-spreading trawls
  • Purse seining
  • Cages for aquaculture

In addition, storage facilities are offered.

Contact information

Cosmos Trawl
Havnevagtvej 26
9990 Skagen
+45 98 44 14 77

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