Kølemadsen A/S

Kølemadsen A/S designs, constructs, installs, services, and repairs all types of refrigeration and freezing systems on both ships and onshore systems, e.g., for the food industry. The most commonly used products, spare parts for a large selection of refrigeration and freezing systems as well as all types of refrigerants are stocked and can be delivered from day to day.

Kølemadsen A/S delivers total solutions within the following:

  • Refrigeration and freezing rooms in all sizes and for all purposes
  • Slicing machines for the fishing and food industry and ice cube machines for the restaurant industry
  • Horizontal and vertical plate freezers
  • RSW systems for ships (cooling of water in tanks)
  • Conversion of refrigeration and freezing systems to environmentally approved refrigerants
  • Environmentally friendly CO2 plants
  • Large plants with ammonia (NH3)
  • Heat pumps for all needs for both private and business

In addition, Kølemadsen A/S is renovating existing refrigeration and freezing systems. In the event of an accident, inspection and possible repair/replacement are offered, and the company can carry out all statutory inspections. Kølemadsen A/S also has a large stock of used but renovated equipment.

Contact information

Kølemadsen A/S
Læssevej 18
9850 Hirtshals
+45 98 94 19 16

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