Port of Skagen

Port of Skagen is a commercial port with a strong platform of business areas such as Cruise, freight, bunkering and fishing. Fishing is the core area of ​​the port. The port is Denmark’s largest fishing port and Europe’s largest landing port for pelagic fish. The Port of Skagen therefore focuses on the activities associated with the fishery such as fishing industry, shipyard, goods, and maritime service companies including bunkering.

State-of-the-art facilities

Port of Skagen is characterized by optimal landing facilities considering today’s requirements for gentle handling of any catch, where consumer fish and shellfish are unloaded, processed, sold, and sent on to buyers in an unbroken cold chain. Following the One-Stop Shop philosophy, Port of Skagen offers professional maritime service of all kinds with everything from pilotage over provisions and repairs to bunkering. Service is offered around the clock for both small and large vessels that are moored or anchored off of Skagen. In addition, reception of waste products such as oil-contaminated water, waste oil and wastewater is offered. From 2016, this will be possible by land connection along the quay.


Geographically, Skagen is ideally located between the Norwegian fjords and the very popular Baltic destinations. Port of Skagen is therefore experiencing an increasing number of cruise ship and pleasure boat calls. Port of Skagen has completed a port expansion in 2015, which creates significantly better possibilities for receiving different types of ships. There is now a water depth of up to 11 m., and vessels of up to 330 m. are able to call at Port of Skagen. Furthermore, brand new reception facilities for cruise guests and crew members with tourist information, lounge facilities, free internet, showroom, and rest rooms are offered. In addition, Port of Skagen provides a free shuttle bus for guests at each call of port – an excellent basis for experiencing the Land of Light.

Contact information

Port of Skagen
Havnevagtvej 30
9990 Skagen
+45 98 44 69 11

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