MARTEC is an internationally recognized maritime and polytechnic training and education center.

Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering

– Entry Course

– Ship Assistant (seaman)

– Ship Machinist


The line of educations of high, international quality for the maritime and industrial industry include:

  • Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering
  • Ship’s master
  • Ship’s mechanist
  • Fishing skipper of 1st or 3rd degree
  • Master (restricted) or Master (home trade)
  • Mechanist
  • Able ship’s assistant
  • Basic maritime education
  • HF Søfart
  • Entry course for marine engineers
  • Academy education (Offshore)

MARTEC also handles the operation of the training ship DANMARK, which i.e. contributes to a large part of the basic training for ship’s assistant, for the students on board.

MARTEC Training Center is our course department where we are certified in internationally recognized standards within STCW, OPITO and GWO.

We offer maritime courses for seafarers (STCW), offshore courses for the oil and gas industry (OPITO) and wind energy courses for the wind turbine industry (GWO).

In addition, we offer a number of technical courses as well as other customer-specific courses.

Furthermore, in collaboration with small and medium-sized businesses, we contribute to research and development within operation, optimization and maintenance of electrical/electronic machines and thermal machines/plants and their control units as well as management within these areas.

Contact information

Hånbækvej 54
9900 Frederikshavn
+45 96 20 88 88

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