SKAWINSPECTION is an impartial, independent, and accredited inspection company, centrally located at the Port of Skagen with easy access to the ships at both the Port of Skagen and Skagen Roadstead. The area of inspection is mainly local, but SKAWINSPECTION is happy to operate throughout the country. The inspection reports issued are valid throughout the EU and in large parts of the rest of the world.

SKAWINSPECTION’s skilled and competent inspectors perform and document tasks when it suits the customer within the following:

  • Weighing on bridge scales and other scales as well as on customer-owned scales
    • Measurement e.g., of temperatures on fresh/frozen fish and liquids
    • Measurement of virtually all liquids (ullage)
    • Sampling of e.g., fish, fishmeal, fish oil and liquids other than water, and shipment to laboratories according to customer requirements
    • Inspection, control and sealing of export shipments in ships, trucks, and containers, including quantity/number and visual control of the condition of the goods
    • Tally – counting of goods
  • Draft and bunker survey – visual inspection in connection with shipment of loose and liquid goods
    • Other services such as statements of inventories in connection with business transfers, auditing, and statements for insurance companies

SKAWINSPECTION is approved by FOSFA and GAFTA and accredited by DANAK. An internal quality management system with accurately described procedures and approved measuring instruments, subject to strict calibration requirements, ensures a uniform control, where all data is 100% correct.

Contact information

9990 Skagen
+45 98 44 28 11

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