Terms of trade

When you sign up for Serviceteam Skagen, you must be aware that you also accept the following.


When you are a member of Serviceteam Skagen, you will automatically receive the network’s newsletter or event letter. You can, of course, unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Photos/video taken related to events

When participating in network meetings, workshops, conferences, events, or other events arranged by Serviceteam Skagen, MARLOG or one of the other maritime networks in Northern Jutland you must be aware that you also give permission for situational photos/video to be used in relation to be branding and marketing primarily on websites, in press releases and on social media. They can also be used on print, e.g., in brochures marketing Serviceteam Skagen or MARLOG. The consent can be revoked at any time. The retract is made via the e-mail confirmation you will receive after registering for the specific event.

Personal data

As the secretariat on behalf of Serviceteam Skagen, MARLOG stores and processes the personal data you provide through the registration form and through your further contact with Serviceteam Skagen/MARLOG. As a cluster organization, it is one of MARLOG’s most important tasks to match and bring companies together, when we – based on our knowledge and experience – can see a potential for a rewarding collaboration for both parties. In this situation names and contact information are valuable information in order to make matchmaking as relevant and accurate as possible. By registering for x, you also give your permission for MARLOG to provide your name, your contact information and possibly your job title for another company, if we find it relevant in relation to matchmaking within the maritime field. The consent can be revoked at any time. This must be done in writing to Christine Lunde via email: clc@marlog.dk

Please feel free to read more about MARLOG’s personal data policy: https://www.marlog.dk/cookie-og-privatlivspolitik

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